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  • GUARANTEED 100% impartial, objective, neutral, independent throughout Germany
  • AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERS qualified and very experienced
  • COSTS OF APPRAISAL and costs of lawyer - insurance must pay
  • NO ADVANCE PAYMENT! - We send the invoice directly to insurances
  • NO COOPERATION/CONTRACTS with insurances, always 100% damage appraisals, not the insurance desires


Car Appraiser?

Welcome to your Automobile Expert Appraiser!

Are you interested in vehicle appraisal and vehicle evaluation, as well as in accident report throughout Germany? Are you looking for automobile expert Frankfurt, car expert Stuttgart or car expert Darmstadt or Berlin or any other place in Germany? Then you are right with us. Guaranteed OBJECTIVE - NEUTRAL - INDEPENDENT - COMPETENT!

The car experts organization UNFALLGUTACHTEN24 operates nationwide. The head office is located in Frankfurt am Main.

Enter your postal code (zip code) and find the UNFALLGUTACHTEN24 automobile expert in your area.
If no car expert appears, call us at the head office at 069-95410180 and we will give you the UNFALLGUTACHTEN24 appraiser in your area.

Customer service is not a foreign word for us. It is our basic principle. Each individual customer is personally looked after by us during the entire service. If you need an accident appraisal or an automobile valuation, if you want to sell a car that was in an accident or have questions how to handle accident procedures then you have the right partner with us in Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Heilbronn and throughout Germany.

You have had an accident and don't know what to do next? Contact us as soon as possible.

Avoid mistakes in regulating an accident that will only cost you time and money.




Article 2 - always 100% damage appraisals

Always a 100% vehicle appraisal including 100% damage!

An appraisal is always an estimate. So it is in the hands of the appraiser to conduct a 100% appraisal or just a 50% or 60% appraisal. Ask yourself the question: If your appraiser is on the payroll of the insurance or is dependent on the insurance, will he not be forced to keep his estimate much lower than your damage is actually in order to fulfill the desire and potential instructions of the paying insurance? Not with us! We focus on facts. Our target is always 100%. And we always meet our target. We guarantee that.

The principle of our automotive expert organization UNFALLGUTACHTEN24 since 1999:

Throughout Germany you will get 100% neutral automotive expertises, accident reports and car appraisals, because we are since the company foundation of UNFALLGUTACHTEN24 in the year 1999 proven and guaranteed NO dependent contractor of insurances such as e.g. our competitor DEKRA. It is 100% damage of your car what you will find in our appraisal and not the wish of any insurance like i.e. 50%. And we do this throughout Germany.


Article 3 - Appraisal fast and easy

CAR APPRAISAL fast and easy 

You will get an appointment quickly. You can get the expert's report (appraisal, Gutachten) in 24 - 48 hours, Germany-wide. We are high qualified experts and  since 1999 in this business.

Our car experts (Kfz Sachverständiger) will send the appraisal (Unfallgutachten) directly to the insurance so they can pay your damage immediately to you and you can repair your car or just take the money without repairing the car.

Our fast and excellent service is well known in Germany. Ask for our free of charge lawyer service support.

Do you have questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Phone: 069-9541 0180